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Audio Available!
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Thursday, July 28, 2016

We saw the Pope!!

This morning was a free morning for the groups to seek out the experiences they were particularly interested in since there is so much to do and so little time to accomplish it all. I simply got some good sleep and a nice breakfast before I went for a smaller English catechesis in a church nearby. Unfortunately the first destination was all in Polish, oops! but the church was gorgeous so I snapped a photo.
We we finally found the right place nearby and had about 15 minutes to prepare for Mass. Then my friend Sean Allen found some radios (to listen to the real-time translation of the main events). We ran into Bishop Rhoades who was out on his own and about to eat lunch.
We visited a church with him and then met the big group to head back to the same huge park to see Pope Francis at his arrival.
He rolled right past us waving and smiling. We were screaming and I just yelled his name and that I love him. It was very moving, tears for some of the teens. We were very very close, like ten feet. Wow!
After some welcomes we introduced the saints of WYD and their messages of mercy. Then we read from the Gospel of Luke, the story of Martha and Mary, and Pope Francis gave a talk about the importance for youth to dream, to believe things can change, to never give up on life.
Then back to the hotel. I decided to call in pizza for the group to make things easier, so I can sleep!! :)

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