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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Pentecost - The Holy Spirit is the source of our vocations (all types!)

Five years ago in 2011, the feast of Pentecost was celebrated on June 12. The day before, which would be the vigil of Pentecost, was the day my brother and I were ordained priests. It was a very joyous time - a time I will always regarded as one of the most important points of my life. The only other day, as far as sacraments are concerned, was the day of my baptism. Through baptism, we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, and are united to Christ Jesus forever! Nothing beats that. Ordination, however, as defined how I am going to live my life in Christ Jesus for the rest of my life. These past five years have been just the beginning of this phenomenal journey. As a priest, I have had the opportunity to share in the joys and sorrows of so many people. Growing up in a big family has prepared me for all of the experiences of family life, sharing some times joy and sorrow almost hand-in-hand at once.
Although I have had the blessing of family life, seminary was absolutely essential to my preparation as a priest. I thank God for my six years in seminary and I am sure, if you knew how I was before I started seminary, you would be thanking him too!
The importance of formation of seminarians cannot be understated. For this reason, I would like to read info the one page letter that Bishop Road says addressed to our diocese. He states:

... Read letter…

The Holy Spirit bless is the church in so many ways. He prepares all of us for whatever location we have. He gives us daily the graces we need to live a vocation well. He helps us to love our families. He helps us to work well with others. He strengthens us to forgive and to receive forgiveness when we need mercy.  The church would be nothing without the Holy Spirit.
In fact, the church did not exist without the Holy Spirit. It is this day we celebrate our birthday. So, thanks be to God for his generosity in sharing his very life with us. And may that divine life strengthen us in our vocations.

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