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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Holy Trinity Homily

Central Mystery of our Faith
Mysterion – perpetually go deeper.  Depths of the ocean.
Two deacons today.  Bishop spoke of how their choice is very countercultural, of how he was told he was foolish to go to seminary.  Why would you spend the rest of your life celibate, obedient, and on a meager salary?  When considered from the perspective of a secular non-believer, it seems crazy and foolish.
Marriage today is also very countercultural.  Why would you want to spend the rest of your life with someone?  Many people in my generation aren't getting married.  They are afraid – of what?  They cannot say or articulate that, but I think it's afraid of the unknown, the commitment, and of the potential pain that may arise from imperfection (and potential failure).  If you look at marriage, it seems brash and foolish, too.
Even just truly living your Catholic faith today is very countercultural.  It means disagreeing with so much of what our society holds to be valuable and important.  It means at times being outcast, shut down, mocked and possibly rejected – like Jesus was.  So why would you do that?
However, I think we can understand that there is something deeply good about marriage that even the world recognizes, and we can all understand why people get married because we see the key that unlocks the craziness and foolishness of getting married:  LOVE.
We all want to love and be loved, as Blessed (almost Saint) Mother Teresa said.  People get married because they have found a relationship of true and abiding love, where they can love and be loved.
Catholics live their faith deeply when they have a relationship like that with Jesus.  When they don't just know about Him, or about the Father and the Holy Spirit, but they have relationships with all three persons of the Blessed Trinity.
Young men become Deacons on their way to priesthood because their relationship with the Lord is more important than anything the world can offer, even though it offers much.  Because this world has all that you could want, but nothing that you need.  It has everything and it has nothing.
So fall in love, and it all makes sense.  Get drawn into God, who is Love, and your life will roll out in front of you.  Your faith will grow, and so will your prayer, and thus your joy.  Amen.

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