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Audio Available!
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Sunday, November 8, 2015

What we did Saturday

Saturday we woke up and left Assisi after breakfast. We had a long drive in two parts, broken up by an important stop at the famous Marian shrine of Loreto, where is kept the "Holy House" (inside the huge church) of the blessed mother, transferred there in the mid to late Middle Ages.  This house is actually where Mart received the annunciation. 

We had Mass in a gorgeous chapel decorated with beautiful frescoes on the ceiling and the walls lines with "ex voto" gifts which were small "thank you's" to Mary for answered prayers.  After some time for personal prayers, we continued to the eastern coast of Italy, where there is a big bump on the "lower calf" of the boot-shaped country, to a town called San Giovanni Rotondo. This town is much bigger then it used to be 60-70 years ago thanks to the popularity of a saint named "Padre Pio" who was a Franciscan whose life was spent particularly hearing lots of Confessions and manifested many miraculous signs, including the stigmata which he kept covered with gloves all his life after receiving them.
We got there late and stayed for dinner and finally got to sleep in!! :)


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