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Audio Available!
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Monday, November 9, 2015

A full Sunday!!

There was a lot of great stuff today at two locations.
We first went to a very ancient shrine dedicated to Saint Michael the archangel.  Known as Monte San Angelo, the shrine began around the year 500. Wow!! It was first an ancient cave on this huge mountain where the angel appeared to a man and then the bishop (twice).  It is a very popular shrine to the people of Italy. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed in the shrine (like Loreto yesterday). 

The town is also beautiful. We visited a few churches through it, but being Sunday, didn't pray much or take photos because of Masses in progress. We loved looking out at the Adriatic Sea!

Then after lunch we came back to San Giivanni Rotondo for the Padre Pio shrine. We took the bus up the hill and had Mass at the small church where this Saint said Mass and heard thousands of confessions. Here's a pic from the choir loft.
After a video we talked to another Frwnciscan priest who knew Saint Padre Pio at the end of his life and allowed us to be blessed by a glove that he wore!  Then we went and prayed at the tomb of the Saint and also saw his cell.
 The newest church at the shrine can seat 6,000 people!!!! I'm going to bed exhausted but very happy!!

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