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Monday, November 9, 2015

Another great day

Today we left Padre Pio's shrine in San Giovanni Rotondo for the western coast of Italy once again. The morning was therefore spent by travel on the bus.  As we entered into Campagna, the region of Italy most densely populated as well as with lots of abundant fields, there were some great views. We even saw a lot of wind turbines for electric energy!

 We stopped for lunch at a surprise place that our guide, Carol, had arranged for us: the coastal town of Salerno.  After viewing their amazing cathedral with the remains of Saint Matthew (buried in crypt, second photo), we went to look at the beach and then find lunch.
We didn't have much more to go before we arrived at Cava de' Tirenni, which I think means "quarry of the Mediterranean".  Our goal was an ancient Benedictine monastery dedicated to the Holy Trinity and founded on a hermit's special experience in, you guessed it, another cave. That man is now a saint and monks have prayed here without stop for 1000 years!! It was founded with a bang by a visit from the Pope, Urban II. We had Mass at the main altar with a professional organist playing for us! I wish I had some video because it was just breathtaking to combine the heavenly sounds with the gorgeous architecture.
We had an excellent tour of the lower levels of the monastery that go back centuries. 
Then off to the next hotel for free time (I bought new running shoes after losing mine in Assisi), dinner, and bed! Tomorrow I'll go for a run around the mountainous area! :) love and prayers, - Fr. Terry

P.S. (Latin for "post scripta") please pray for my family. My fragile grandfather was found passed away at home last Thursday, almost 96 years old. It has been very hard to be away but it is good that Mom, Dad, and I are together to support each other. We know God had blessed him abundantly, and He has a plan for this timing, so we are trying to pray for him especially while on pilgrimage. Sometimes we don't know what to pray for, but now we definitely know. God help our family to give back to you this wonderful man, and help us to live so as to see him again!

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