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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday homily – the Eucharist and the teaching of the 12 apostles

John 6.  The Lord Jesus uses the miracle of the multiplication of loaves to foreshadow and prepare the greater miracle of the gift of the Eucharist!
No Last Supper account, so this becomes the Gospel's teaching on the Eucharist.

From the account of this story and the details inside it, we can see what we do at Mass, and start to understand why we do it, i.e. the meaning behind it.
Taken. Blessed. Broken. Given.
Represents Christ Jesus.  Represents all of us.

Presentation of the gifts is like the small offering of the little boy, which Jesus takes and transforms miraculously into something so much greater.

Gathering of the fragments :: the use of patens and purification of vessels.  A symbol of uniting many into one as well.  This is also emphasized in an early document called the "Teaching of the 12 Apostles" or Didache. In there, they speak on the Eucharist: symbol of the grains of wheat scattered across the hillside and gathered into one in the loaf of bread that ultimately becomes Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. This is a symbol of the unity that Jesus has created for all of humanity – the people that have hated each other and have killed each other for generations upon generations are now united in the reconciling sacrifice of our Lord on the cross.  That's like what we heard in Saint Paul today: preserve that unity!

Silent Prayer after Communion. In some ways, the most special time you have with Christ Jesus every week.

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