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Saturday, June 20, 2015



Well, here it finally comes to the point of it all.  My time at Saint Pius is closing.  In many ways I don't want to leave the comfort of the shoreline, where it is nice and safe, but know I have to.  If Jesus is telling me to go across the sea of South Bend to the other side of town, so why do I fear? If He is in the boat with us along this journey, what are we worried about?

On this Father's Day weekend, I can't help but think about the Priest as spiritual father.  In the homily, the priest gets to speak to his spiritual children.  You all have been such a blessing to me.

Yet so many men don't know the joys that fatherhood can give, they only focus on the crosses. There's a lot of guys in our society who stay along the shoreline, in the shallow water, afraid to go out to the deep of being a parent.  The devil has worked overtime on the male heart in our society to drive them from fatherhood. So many men, for different reasons, forfeit their role to be an earthly image of God, our Heavenly Father.
So many men are afraid of the many unknowns of the future that they allow themselves to be totally overwhelmed and forget that Jesus is calling them to this, that He is in the boat with them, and He will take care of them.  God will never leave us out to dry in our vocation; He will always give us the tools we need, whether it's as a pastor or as a parent.  Besides, life isn't meant to be safe and comfortable and sanitized. It's an adventure with an eternal reward for those who never give up.  Fathers, we cannot fail if we stay close to Christ and never give up.  Young men, don't be afraid of the vocation of fatherhood.

I think the solution to our culture's father vocation crisis is simple: be men of prayer who know your Heavenly Father; and stay connected to the parish so you will have other good examples of earthly fathers.

Another lie the devil uses in that fear is that the burden will crush us, but truthfully fathers have years to grow into their role. Well at least you guys do. I myself became a spiritual father to thousands overnight. But for you guys, it's a process of growth that you are slowly eased into. But by the end of it, thanks be to God, we are more and more the person God always wanted us to be. Fatherhood transforms us for the better.

We priests are changed by the Lord Jesus through the people we minister to. No priest is the same when they go on to a new parish, especially from here. This place affects you to the core. Graduation from Pastor Training School - PTS for short.  Every vicar leaves here with a kind of degree: Fr. Daniel Scheidt, PTSD. Fr. Bob Lengerich, PTSD. And now, Fr. Terry Coonan, PTSD. We all have this pastor to thank for the wonderful mark he has left on our souls and in our priesthood! Fr. Bill, thanks for the PTSD you have given us!

I think thank you is the one thing we all can agree on.  I can thank God for four years at this parish.  Most of you will also thank God that I was here for years.  Some of us will probably thank God that it was only four years.  But all of us can agree on thanksgiving.  Indeed, when we try our best to give ourselves to God and use the gifts he's given us, He will not be outdone in generosity.  The goodness overflows into other hearts and we all share in the joy of His abundance.  So in this Eucharist, this Thanksgiving, we turn to you, O Lord, with loving hearts and ask You to continue the superabundant graces from Your victory over evil & death.  Jesus, guide us all across the stormy seas of this life to the shores of our eternal home.  Amen.

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  1. You have been a great inspiration to me, I'll miss you very much !!