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Audio Available!
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Healing the damage of yesterday

4 days to Rome now.

Well, she's here and all set (I think).  This morning we wait here at the Fransiscan monastery in San Miniato as Paolo drives to Firenze (Florence) with Fr. Bill, his brother Tony, and Bill Corbitt. Hopefully the bike shop that Paolo was directed to by his friends (who live there and visited lastnight for a beer) will have a few nice bikes in their sizes and ready to go.  During their shopping, Paolo will ship my bike case to Rome and we will see it at our place in a few days.
For now, it's a great morning to relax!

If they can get back quickly, we will all be able to bike together as a while group for today's trip to Siena. Please pray for us as I remember family, friends, the parish, and the high school in my prayers.  God bless!


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