Audio Available!

Audio Available!
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Getting to the plane

I had been getting more and more nervous about packing and how to get myself and this ridiculous bike case to O'Hare airport.  I was sure glad to be done lugging that guy around. 
With the help of a brother priest, many parish staff, and my uncle Tim the Chicago coffee boss (, all went very well as I finish the security checkpoints and await my flights.  Pretty soon I'll be "relaxing" on the way to London before a connection to Pisa, where some other language is spoken.
The Parish family, the brotherhood of the presbyterate, and my own family all made this possible.  God is good!


  1. We are looking forward to sharing (sort of) this experience with you thru your blog. Have fun!
    The Gumkowskis

  2. Baby Jesus Loves you... that's all I got to say :-) HAVE FUN! Keep our Holy Pastor safe (good luck)