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Monday, March 9, 2020

Who are we listening to?

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"Listen to him."
"Don’t be afraid."
Two types of listening.
1 - hearing. (Too many distractions in our lives; or we are focused on the wrong things; or we are talking too much when we pray)
2 - following their advice/guidance. (We trust the wrong people or wrong ideas. Do I listen to Dr. Popular more than I do God about any part of my life? This can include the ways we view the world contrary to how God does, whether consciously or not. Everything is about economics, or everything is about politics, or entertainment, or self-comfort, or success, or popularity.)
Abram chooses to listen to God at great sacrifice.
Who are we listening to?

1. Make sure you are giving time to listen to the one that matters.
2. Make sure you are following the one that matters.

*** In the end, it will be worth it. ***
Byzantine Liturgy: You were transfigured on the mountain, and your disciples, as much as they were capable of it, beheld your glory, O Christ our God, so that when they should see you crucified they would understand that your Passion was voluntary, and proclaim to the world that you truly are the splendor of the Father.299 

Augustine: Peter did not yet understand this when he wanted to remain with Christ on the mountain. It has been reserved for you, Peter, but for after death. For now, Jesus says: "Go down to toil on earth, to serve on earth, to be scorned and crucified on earth. Life goes down to be killed; Bread goes down to suffer hunger; the Way goes down to be exhausted on his journey; the Spring goes down to suffer thirst; and you refuse to suffer?"303

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