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Audio Available!
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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Homily 12-1-2019

Audio!  9:00am Mass

“Let us go to God’s house”   (“run to meet Christ”)
Lots of things to be busy about.  Pulled in many directions.  Family, friends, co-workers, shopping, wrapping, baking cookies or other yummies, decorations, etc.  Easy to feel overwhelmed.
Don’t forget the more important things which should also be on that list: prayer; quiet; quality conversations that don’t take long but are the best way to say “I love you”; and going to Mass.
(“run to meet Christ” with righteous deeds)
Keep first things first and second things second.  Don’t lose your priorities in the midst of all the noise. Let’s do Advent right so that Christmas is really a joy for us.
In some ways the message of Christmas flips the image of today’s readings - God is coming to our house.
“Cleaning” the house for guests.  - The coat closet under the stairs.  The top of the stairs.
Never really dealt with the mess.  The house appeared perfect but certainly wasn’t, and things came back out eventually.
Advent resolutions (“new year”).  Let’s do Advent God’s way, not our own.  Let’s get our spiritual house truly prepared.  What are the first things you are called to keep first?  Ask God during this Mass what He wants you to focus on this Advent. 

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