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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Homily - Christian Waiting

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“Where your treasure is, there also your heart will be”
How do we tell where our treasure is?
1 - Look at your calendar, how you spend your time, and ask why.  Particularly perhaps how you spend little bits of free time: 20 minutes here, an hour there.
2- Watch where your money goes, and ask why.
3 - How do you spend your mental energy? Watch where your mind goes.  What do you get worried/anxious about, and why?  What are the things that you pursue?
It doesn’t so much matter what we carry in this life, but how we carry it.  For what we carry is ultimately received from God as a gift.  How we carry it is our gift to God.  Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more.”

A huge part of the Christian life is waiting. 
Chrism Mass, or ordination Mass.  “hurry up and wait” seems to be the rule of such big Church events.  We have to arrive 30 minutes or an hour ahead of time, and then we are ready in three minutes, the next 27 is waiting in line to get into church.  Sometimes they give us instruction like “Fathers you are going to walk in and genuflect and kiss the altar and sit down over yonder, etc. etc.” as if this is rocket science that we’ve never heard before - and oh my goodness, I better take notes or I just might mess this up!
But in some ways that waiting in line with all those priests is kind of like what the Christian life is like.  While I wait in line, I am focused on one intention, one goal: getting into that Mass.  Just like all of us, in this life, ought to be focused one one intention, one goal: seeing God face-to-face in eternity.  That is where I want my heart to be.  So man, I need to be sure that my calendar, my wallet, my mental energy, and every other part of myself points to that one reality I’m supposed to be focused on.
When I’m in line for Mass, I have vestments on, I am not playing basketball or staring at my phone bingeing on Stranger Things.  My focus is where I’m headed, so I don’t get wrapped up in stuff that leads somewhere else.  I can’t, and I admit it by the fact that I’m in vestments and waiting in line.  Do we live our Christian life in such a way that emphasizes we are on the journey?
The liturgy is an opportunity to reflect on what life is about, and to wait in line for the fulfillment that God will give.
It is a good type of waiting.  It is a way that we “get in line” for where God wants to lead us.  But we have to do this in so many other ways.
Ask God, beg the Holy Spirit to show you, where we may need to readjust our treasures, so that our hearts can be more firmly rooted in the Sacred Heart of Jesus that is burning with love for you.  Your heart was made for His Heart.

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