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Saturday, May 4, 2019

The Mass - God's ultimate destiny for humanity

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Jesus' Resurrection isn't the end of God's story for us.  Revelation is the end of the bible, it shows what the end of the story is.  It foretells God's ultimate goal for us.  This is what it's all about.
In cryptic language, it explains what heaven will be like: adoring the Lord God Himself, and the lamb who was slain but now lives (who as we heard last week from the beginning of this book is also the one like a Son of Man whose clothes were dazzling white, etc) that is Jesus.

God desires heaven for us.  and Heaven is to forever be close to God, where he lives. to even be made one with Him. to adore Him.

That my friends is the Mass.  In the Mass we are close to God.  At Mass we are where He lives.  In the Eucharist we are one with Him and we adore Him.  He is really present here, and so the Mass is higher than any other prayer we can be a part of.  That is why we make such a big deal about everything that we do here.  Because the Mass is God's gift to us that we can turn and give it back to Him.  So we have music and singing, we have processions, we read from the Bible, we receive Holy Communion from beautiful and special vessels and we decorate the church with flowers and art.  All this beauty is meant to emphasize how important what are doing is.  Really, everything we do is meant to be about the Mass, it is all something that is meant to glorify God and be something we can bring to the Lord of our entire lives.  We could even say that God gave us the Bible for the Mass, He gave us music for the Mass, He gave us art and flowers and everything else for us to praise Him through it all: to worship the Lamb of God, Jesus, at all times and places of our lives, which leads us to what we do here and what we will do forever in heaven.

This is the Mass here in God's home, where He dwells.  God wants you to spend time at His house every week.  You can come over more often if you want.  I used to go to my neighbors almost every day and now I do this with the Lord in daily Mass.  And when you are at your friend's house and it's time for a meal, do they say "you need to go sit out in the living room while we eat?"  No, they share it with you.  It's a way of showing friendship.
So today in the Gospel even Jesus says "Come have breakfast" this His disciples.  He prepares a meal for them to show His friendship, but it is even more than that.  He wants to give us the best gift He can, and that is something much better than what fills our stomachs, even if fish tacos are really good.  Food is a way of sharing, but what is the greatest thing someone can share with you?  It is themselves.  When someone tells you about their thoughts and dreams, spends their time with you, they are giving you the best gift you can receive from them.
So God wanted to give us the greatest gift too.  This is why Jesus came.  and this is why He left us the Eucharist, which is to say He gives Himself to us and He never stops giving Himself to us.
So how do we say thank you?  We join in the songs of the Mass, we pray the prayers.  Give Him back the greatest gift you can offer: Spend time with Him!  Go and pray in any chapel or church you can.  Jesus is there.  He is waiting for you.  Heaven is only behind the veil that covers your eyes when you are in the Mass.

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