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Audio Available!
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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Pentecost - "Walking by the Spirit" daily

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My Vocation: Hearing and Following the Spirit (Source: Jacques Philippe, In the School of the Holy Spirit)
- How to Know the Inspiration is from God:
            Experience --> A "Spiritual Sense" of the Holy Spirit's "tone of voice": gentleness and power, purity and clarity.  John 10: "My sheep know my voice."
            1. External Criterion: God is Truth and Unity                         **Forespective**
                        - Consistency with Holy Scripture and Church Teaching
                        - Consistency with the Demands of our Vocation
            2. Internal Criterion: "A tree is known by its fruit"                  **Retrospective**
                        - Good fruit: peace, joy, charity, communion (true unity), humility, light, clarity, simplicity.
                        - Bad fruit: sadness, bitterness, doubt, pride, despair, apathy, worry, agitation, confusion.
            3. Some Good Complementary Signs: Constancy (Patience), Humility, Obedience.

- How to Foster Inspirations:
            1. Practice Praise and Thanksgiving
            2. Desire and Ask for Them
            3. Resolve to Refuse God Nothing
            4. Practice Filial and Trusting Obedience
            5. Practice Abandonment
            6. Practice Detachment
            7. Practice Silence and Peace
            8. Persevere Faithfully in Prayer
            9. Examine the Movements of Our Hearts
            10. Spiritual Direction (Confession)

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