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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Divine Mercy Sunday

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What makes the Christian community unique is more than one thing, but it really comes down to one thing. We can look at the church and see all kinds of things that make Christians different, for example: look how they love each other - they give all their possessions to the apostles. Not some. Not 10%. It said today that they would sell property and houses and give it to their shepherds who in the name of Jesus would make sure the least among them were provided for. No one else did that, ever. Even today this would stick out among Christians.
You could also add their practice regarding human dignity, abortion, marriage, and nowadays even embryonic stem cells as things that made and still make Christians unique.
But all these important factors really come down to one core difference: Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and His Resurrection which we celebrate anew with this close of the Easter Octave. Because of this one thing, Christians live differently in this world. Because of the victory over death, Christians live in a way that can seem weird to the rest of humanity. We look at death and face it without terror, even if we admit its reality.
I’ve had some of the more difficult losses in my life these past weeks. Two weeks before Easter - my cousin. One week before - a student at my high school. This past week - a staff member at our parish, Vicki Schwab, succumbed to cancer and was called home to God. I’ve noticed through all this grief, wrapped closely around the most important celebrations of our Christian faith, precisely what the first Christians knew: Jesus is alive and has conquered death, and so we can look at these sorrows with a peace the world cannot give.
Divine Mercy
Pray for those who have died.
Victory - Victoria

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