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Audio Available!
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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Holy Family

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The family structure is probably the most important element that upholds tradition in a society.  It keeps us from changing with the whims of a time and place, and allows us stability.  For this reason the family is always under attack, and in our society there unique elements of that attack.

Alexis de Tocqueville "I do not know of any country where, in general, less of independence mind and genuine freedom of discussion reign than in America."  We have a lot of groupthink.  Democracy in some ways shuns the people who have "out-of-bounds" ideas.  If it's not popular, it's considered illegitimate.

One of the deep-seated ideas in our culture that fights the family is American Individualism (often stretching to the point of "anything goes" libertarianism) causes an anti-family mentality, Anti-marriage mentality, anti-child mentality.  True Freedom requires maturity, and maturity, which is based on clear thinking and self-discipline, is not likely to happen where there is not a healthy foundation in family life.  We are created to always grow and develop, but we do that best when we have a sense of stability, of foundation, of roots.  You notice how people who know their culture (whether italian, irish, indian, filipino, mexican, or anything else) truly can thrive in the world because of that reference point.  That's what the family is meant to be.

We are fighting for family in our society.  Perhaps the best way to promote the family is to be like the Holy Family, to be a family ourselves.

For Abraham, for Mary & Joseph, for all holy families: God is the first priority.  Obedience to God's will is the main thing they want, no matter the sacrifices.

"I love you" needs to be lived and not just said every once in a while.  (but saying it is still important).

City on a Hill,  Light on a lampstand.  The world needs to see families committed to common living, sharing crosses, rejoicing together - witnesses of the Resurrection.

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