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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trusting Like Children in Our Heavenly Father

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Today we are given some beautiful images about how we should trust God instead of worry about all the other stuff out there.
You know, I think we find it difficult to trust God and his plan for our lives simply because we often don’t understand it and can’t (so to speak) “see it” until we’ve gone through it.  Whereas with all the other things we can see them pretty clearly.  The tangible things, the stuff that the word “mammon” refers to, are right before us and easy to understand, and perhaps more tempting, very easy to control and manipulate.  We feel like when we use things, we are in control of them, even when they tie bonds to our hearts.
The world tells us to be afraid.  So many people thrive off our fears.  If you get someone afraid of something, it’s much easier to sell them the false “antidote” that can calm their fears.  Just like when Peter looked at all the waves, taking our eyes away from Jesus can easily fill us up with fear.
Our patroness, however, is a profound example to us of trusting the God we cannot control, cannot fully understand, and often cannot see.  Saint Therese knew she was “little” she was weak, unfit to match up to the great souls of church history and of her modern world.  But she also knew that God was a loving father, and so in order for her to become greater than all those great souls, she only needed to trust in her God, make herself small, and raise up her arms to be picked up by him to great heights.
I once heard a father speak about his little daughter’s courageous trust in him.  She was standing on the table at home and when dad came into the room, she geared up for a jump toward him.  Not paying too much attention, the father had his mind on something else as he got close to her.  She leaped toward him and he was able to gather her in.
If an earthly father loves that much, how much more with your Heavenly Father?
And if a child has that much trust in her earthly Father, how much more should we have in our heavenly Father?

Lord, help us to keep our eyes away from the stuff around us that gives us false hopes and fake trust, and turned toward you with confidence in your tender care for us.

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