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Audio Available!
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Sunday, June 19, 2016


I forgot to record my homily during Mass this week!  I apologize!
Below are the notes I preached from, and I apologize that they are scant.
You can also find my full-text homily from three years ago here

I've been involved with Marriages a lot lately. One thing that I could say because it is true but it isn't the right time to say it and I'm glad I haven't said it: “you feel great now with all kinds of joy, but let me warn you: life is miserable so get ready for it!” This is of course not fully true but it is a part of the picture that needs to be considered: all vocations require sacrifice and difficulty at times.

Love takes sacrifice in this life.
Saint John tells us: “This is love: Not that we have loved God, but that He has loved us”
Christ shows us the cross and that is what love looks like.

The Cross is essential for Jesus' disciples.
We are called to be saints. We are called to love radically.

It is the cross that makes a saint.

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