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Monday, March 14, 2016

Bishop Rhoades' Statement: Concerning the decision of Notre Dame to honor Vice President Biden

Bishop Rhoades' Statements: Concerning the decision of Notre Dame: Bishop Rhoades here outlines his disagreement with Notre Dame's honoring of former Speaker of the House Boehner and Vice President Biden with their Laetare Medal.  ND has argued that these two politicians are a sign of "civility" and exemplary public service in the midst of a turbulent political realm.  Although Bsp. Rhoades does not argue that point, he disagrees with this specific award, which is meant to honor their Catholic witness to the world - something that, particularly for the Vice President, has been far from perfect.  This reminds me of the disagreement at the end of Bishop D'Arcy's episcopacy, when president Obama was invited as graduation commencement speaker and given an honorary degree.  That same year, Mary Ann Glendon refused to accept the ND Laetare medal.  Please read.

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