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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Piano a piano, poco a poco


The Ascension of Christ into heaven elevates human nature to a level never before imagined: man is destined for eternal communion with God.  This was the Gospel (or Good News) that Jesus commissioned the apostles to proclaim, and it is still very Good News for us today.  Our world needs to hear it because the despair that is felt ultimately stems from forgetting about heaven: we who are united to Jesus are now welcomed into a place where all the evils and pains of this life are gone forever.  We are witnesses, but becoming courageous and effective witnesses to the Lord Jesus is a process!

Rome wasn't built in a day - neither were saints.
One step at a time - but willing to do whatever the Lord requests.
Little by little - but always with the big goal in sight. 

If I am ever going to run faster than my older brother, it's not going to be some instantaneous transformation. It will take training and perseverance.

Becoming courageous and effective  witnesses to the Lord Jesus is a process!
Jesus took it slowly with his apostles: 3 years, then 40 days, then still a steady progression into preaching all over the world.
Saint Paul was a process, even if we don't tend to think about it that way because we focus on the day when Jesus appeared to him. That wasn't really the beginning of his formation; nor was it the end of it.

We too need to incrementally increase our investment into the person of Jesus. Indeed Jesus deserves all of our heart starting yesterday, and we should offer it to Him in our prayer daily, but we have to make that concrete in life through small steps in the right direction. 

The three parts of stewardship are good concrete areas of life we can examine for judging our progress (or our slipping away) in the life of true discipleship and thus witnessing to Jesus.  Today we are refocusing ourselves in stewardship of service, and I now invite Phil Hayes to share his own story of growth in service here at Saint Pius X Parish.

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