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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Homily 3-24-2013 Passion (Palm) Sunday

Why do we come here every Sunday? Why do we feel especially devoted to the Lord in this week that we call Holy?

We come to hear the greatest story ever. The center of history. The cross transcends time, transforms the face of the world and the shape of our own stories.

The story is our story. We are present in so many ways in that story, just like God is present in so many ways in our daily life.
St. Gregory Nazianzus
Let us sacrifice ourselves to God; or rather let us go on sacrificing throughout every day and at every moment. Let us accept anything for the Word's sake. By sufferings let us imitate His Passion: by our blood let us reverence His Blood: let us gladly mount upon the Cross. Sweet are the nails, though they be very painful. For to suffer with Christ and for Christ is better than a life of ease with others. If you are a Simon of Cyrene, Mark 15:21 take up the Cross and follow. If you are crucified with Him as a robber, Luke 23:42 acknowledge God as a penitent robber. If even He was numbered among the transgressors Isaiah 53:12 for you and your sin, do you become law-abiding for His sake. Worship Him Who was hanged for you, even if you yourself are hanging; make some gain even from your wickedness; purchase salvation by your death; enter with Jesus into Paradise, Luke 23:43 so that you may learn from what you have fallen. Revelation 2:5 Contemplate the glories that are there; let the murderer die outside with his blasphemies; and if you be a Joseph of Arimath├Ža, Luke 23:52 beg the Body from him that crucified Him, make your own that which cleanses the world.1 John 1:7 If you be a Nicodemus, the worshipper of God by night, bury Him with spices. John 19:39

We are called to fuse the two together, the past and our present, by our prayerful life: our faith, hope, and love.

Thomas said last week: Let us go to die with Him.
This is what we say on this Palm Sunday, looking into the Easter Triduum. Let us take up our crosses, whatever form they are for us this year, and carry them right beside our Lord to Calvary. And there, faithful to the end, let us repeat to our Lord the words of faith spoken by the Good Thief: “Lord, Remember me when you come into your kingdom.”

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